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Ground Rent Investment


When it comes to residential ground rents there is not anything we will not consider. Oakland are largely privately funded meaning we can move quickly and smoothly to completion. On development sites we are prepared to get involved prior to work starting and can exchange contracts to offer security. We consider the following:

  • Modern flats and mixed use developments
  • Conversions to include listed and unusual properties
  • Older ground rents with low rents, typically terraced houses
  • Sites with management issues
  • Sites with lots of arrears
  • Peppercorn or no rental income sites
  • Defective Leases
  • Missing information
  • Probate cases where information maybe in poor order
  • Portfolios
  • Company purchases
  • Stock with short Leases (a short Lease is anything under 80 years)


Commercial ground rents are largely misunderstood by the markets and when property utilised can provide a range of solutions to common problems faced. The correct structuring of Leases to create commercial ground rents can lead to a windfall gain for the property owner. We have seen ground rents created to release funds for further investment, in place of a mortgage and reduce negative equity to name a few. As finance markets have hardened, a number of property owners have turned to us to assist them in both the creation of ground rents and the subsequent release of capital from these investments

  • Generate and release additional equity
  • Release funds whilst retaining long term ownership
  • Funds generated are profit rather than a loan
  • Can be used to fund purchases
  • Clear or reduce negative positions
  • Alternative to external debt such as banks or private equity

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