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Caretaking Services

If you are an existing client and have a repairs or maintenance issue, please email your assigned Estate Manager.

Staff are accredited to the British Institute of Facilities Management so you can be sure that your property is properly maintained and looked after. In this respect and with the need to satisfy demand, Oakland Residential Management (ORM Ltd) developed and established its Caretaking Service to minimise the unnecessary Repairs & Maintenance element of our client’s expenses.

Our Facilities & Contracts team understands the need for repairs & maintenance and provides its clients with clear knowledge of H&S law, risk assessments and how to put together method statements for simple and complex nature of works.

Find out from your assigned Estate Manager what can be done to assist you.

List of services the Caretaking Service provides are:

  • Health & Safety Compliance
  • Ensuring that any bin store has a rotation of bins so that residents don’t overload easy access bins and leave rubbish on the floor which in turn means that the bin collection teams via the council will refuse the empty the bins causing a mass of issues (rodents). They will be removing the bulky items, which will incur a small charge but a much lesser charge than a removal company would charge – Saving money
  • Testing automatic pedestrian gates, automatic car gates, AOV equipment. Minor alterations can be carried out to deter from expensive call-outs. If a gate trips and stops working, most of the time it needs resetting which again deters from expensive and unnecessary call-outs
  • Lubricating and tightening/loosening door arm closers (depending on weather and condition of closer), aiding in better security.
  • Ensuring that emergency lights are working
  • Carrying out on the stop checks to fire alarms and smoke detectors
  • Reading and recording communal electricity meters so that electric bills aren’t paid on estimates and that all billing is accurate and up to date. Creates better more efficient budgeting and tracking of expenses
  • Making sure that all communal areas are well lit, changing light bulbs that have blown, along with checking the charge on batteries (replacing if necessary) and fuses. Calling out an electrician is one of the most expensive items in any budget, this would save on costs
  • Erecting emergency contact sheets and making sure that the information is up to date as well as relevant notices to residents are appropriately displayed
  • Making sure that stand pipes and irrigation systems are fully operative and protected against leaks
  • Removing abandoned bikes
  • Removing debris and leaves from aqua-drains
  • Gritting thoroughfares and car parks and checking stock levels of grit on site
  • Changing and adjusting door handles to communal doors
  • Making sure that there are no trip hazards from communal carpets or stair nosing’s
  • Making sure that insurance and certificates are up to date and displayed in the right places
  • Carrying out detailed and comprehensive Quality Site Audits (monthly/bi-monthly) which are passed to insurance companies to show that site checks are carried out to a high standard. This keeps premium hikes or rises to a minimum and under control
  • Checking the condition of riser cupboards for leaks or electrical faults
  • Keeping and recording detailed site plans for any leak investigations
  • Checking, testing & recording water tank levels and temperature of water
  • Testing trade entry access on intercoms
  • Ensuring that security measures like CCTV and security beams are in sound working order
  • Coding and delivering remotes & fobs to residents and contractors
  • Lubricating and testing communal windows

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